despite the entire industry being a manifestation of anti-Black Islamophobia desperately resting on junk science for legitimacy, Biden swears it can…

June 2022

"Anti-Blackness, Islamophobia, and all of their intersections, undergird digital technologies — including the internet."

May 2022

Part two of NAZAR's roundtable interview with the Community Justice
Counter-extremism. That's why.

April 2022

Part one of NAZAR's roundtable interview with the Community Justice Exchange.
"In the United States, the main organization intervening in what they call the pre-criminal space is the FBI."
"'Inherent to the idea of CVE and Prevent is that governments have the capacity to make...predictions about the future trajectories individuals or even…

March 2022

"CVE represents a qualitative expansion of policing, not – as it is sometimes imagined – a ‘soft’ alternative to it."
The People's Review of Prevent sheds light on how nefarious the United Kingdom's "countering extremism" policy really is.

February 2022

i did not become a journalist for the career.

June 2021

Cryptography has often been used for imperial gain. Z and Crys are highlighting its revolutionary potential.

March 2021

Children today are faced with something more sinister than eyes in the back of their parents’ heads.