"'Inherent to the idea of CVE and Prevent is that governments have the capacity to make...predictions about the future trajectories individuals or even…
"CVE represents a qualitative expansion of policing, not – as it is sometimes imagined – a ‘soft’ alternative to it."
The People's Review of Prevent sheds light on how nefarious the United Kingdom's "countering extremism" policy really is.
i did not become a journalist for the career.
A mini-series charting the evolution of CVE through three administrations: Obama, Trump, and Biden.
Cryptography has often been used for imperial gain. Z and Crys are highlighting its revolutionary potential.
Children today are faced with something more sinister than eyes in the back of their parents’ heads.
Technology is not an alternative to harsh border and immigration policy. Instead, it's the tool already enabling CBP and ICE to carry out them out.
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