A mini-series charting the evolution of CVE through three administrations: Obama, Trump, and Biden.
Cryptography has often been used for imperial gain. Z and Crys are highlighting its revolutionary potential.
Children today are faced with something more sinister than eyes in the back of their parents’ heads.
Technology is not an alternative to harsh border and immigration policy. Instead, it's the tool already enabling CBP and ICE to carry out them out.
Only once we begin to envision a future without states can we begin envisioning a future without carcerality.
In the name of public health, India has significantly expanded its surveillance tools.
Introducing The Surveillance Rebate Program Map.
Surveilled communities know that surveillance does not keep anyone safe, but only breeds countless forms of community harm.
Re-visiting "Duas Against The Surveillance State"
I’m often asked, “Why surveillance?”
Land has been integral to surveillance because of the freedom that it allows oppressed communities.
"'The masses will never ever believe Imam Jamil is the same Black Muslim revolutionary he is because of the the repercussions of surveillance.'"