"Freedom from surveillance allows for self-determination within our own communities and our people."
ya allah only you are the all seeing and all knowing; revoke the power of the panopticon from those who wish us dead.
We don’t need technology that expands the police state, we need abolition.
Surveilled communities know that surveillance does not keep anyone safe, but only breeds countless forms of community harm.
Ongoing reports of journalists being targeted by police should make journalists open to frank conversations about how some of us have aided the…
"For Muslims in the occupied Americas today, surveillance is the issue of our time- the mechanisms of surveillance, our Pharoah and our Abu-Lahab, and…
"CVE represents a qualitative expansion of policing, not – as it is sometimes imagined – a ‘soft’ alternative to it."
"'Inherent to the idea of CVE and Prevent is that governments have the capacity to make...predictions about the future trajectories individuals or even…
i did not become a journalist for the career.
Today’s technologies have exacerbated the potential for employers to use surveillance to discipline their employees.
By ignoring how anti-Black Islamophobia shaped CVE frameworks, Biden has left Black Muslims vulnerable once again.
I’m often asked, “Why surveillance?”