See Y'all Soon

In pursuit of my pivot to fiction, NAZAR will be on temporary hiatus until 2/3/2021.


Throughout the pandemic, I have been balancing day job(s), fiction writing, and projects like NAZAR and The Drinking Gourd. I am forever thankful for the amount of support that I have received from my community. Without it, I would not have been able to carry on without pause for as long as I did.

With that being said, I need to take some time to focus on a long-term writing project that has been hounding me since summer. I want to keep this e-mail short so let me say outright: in order to do so, NAZAR will be on temporary hiatus until February 3, 2021.

As a one-person project, NAZAR requires a lot of attention, and I do not want to neglect it while I finish my revisions. Hence, a hiatus. If you are an active subscriber, I have already paused billing cycles. This also means that no new people will be able to purchase a paid subscription until I resume publishing. I thank you all for your patience and sticking with me in advance.

In addition to finish my writing projects, I intend to take this time to re-approach NAZAR’s editorial calendar, so I can ensure that I am putting out the best content that I can on surveillance. I also have plans for what I will, for now, call an extension of NAZAR. Details about that will be released when I come back on the 3rd!

Until then, I invite y’all to re-visit NAZAR’s old posts. Some of my favorites from 2020 include my interlude on the usefulness of identity politics, these testimonies from Muslim abolitionists, and the Surveillance Rebate Program Map. And please, continue talking about this project in your networks. Again, your support is what allows me to continue my work. I cannot wait for y’all to see what I have planned for the rest of 2021.